May 02, 2012

Spring books. Essential books on the psalms, marriage and science; best new books on Old Testment, theology and ethics.

Apr 18, 2012

Sara Maitland on desert silence, Marilynne Robinson on John's prologue, Craig Barnes on Palestine.

Apr 04, 2012

Jesse James DeConto on first-call church planters, Ann Duncan and Andy Langford on The Hunger Games, Amy Frykholm interviews Ruth Burrows.

Mar 21, 2012

Scott Paeth on video games, Kay Northcutt on chronic illness, Richard Lischer on Holy Week.

Mar 07, 2012

Christine Pohl on sustainable congregations, Martin Copenhaver on the food movement, Amy Frykholm talks to immigration activist Isabel Castillo.

Feb 22, 2012

Rich Melheim and Suzanne Guthrie on faith formation and family, Jesse James DeConto on inmates and seminarians studying together, Steve Thorngate on Amazon and sales tax.

Feb 08, 2012

Jonathan Tran on the new black theology, Lauren Winner on anxiety, Jane Donovan on veterans and their pastors.

Jan 25, 2012

Stephanie Coontz on sex and marriage rules, college chaplains on hookup culture, Rebekah Miles on Ursula Niebuhr's uncredited writings.

Jan 11, 2012

Christina Braudaway-Bauman and Katherine Willis Pershey on clergy peer groups, Frank Honeycutt on Jeremiah, Amy Frykholm interviews Amy DeLong.

Dec 27, 2011

Interview with ecologist Sandra Steingraber, Amy Frykholm on spiritual direction, Elizabeth Phillips on Christian Zionists.

Dec 13, 2011

Book, CD and DVD recommendations; Martin Copenhaver on Rembrandt's faces of Jesus; Jesse James DeConto on school integration.

Nov 29, 2011

Steve Thorngate on church music, Amy Frykholm on Leymah Gbowee, Barbara Brown Taylor on Advent darkness.

Nov 15, 2011

Gary Dorrien on Occupy Wall Street, Benjamin J. Dueholm on the post-Wobegon upper Midwest, James F. McGrath on Jesus mythicism.

Nov 01, 2011

Lucy Bregman and Allen Verhey on dying well, Tom Long on why men avoid church, Amy Frykholm interviews Tripoli priest Hamdy Sedky Daoud.

Oct 18, 2011

Fall books. Essential books on Job, atonement and children's ministry; best new books on New Testament, world Christianity, American religion and practical theology.