God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts, by Gregory K. Popcak and Never Call Them Jerks, by Arthur Paul Boers

Why don't people get angry with an oncologist or a surgeon who delivers a cancer diagnosis? Why don't law clients fly into fits of rage when an attorney fails to win their case? Why do people not jump to string up their stockbrokers when the financial markets perform feebly? People may feel such rage, but they rarely express it to these professionals. In church life, however, pastors habitually face parishioners' peculiar and angry behavior. Often these pastors don't understand what could possibly have generated such reactions. Some seasoned veterans suggest that "it goes with the turf." Others believe that anger within parishes is more intense now then ever before. What is troubling the Body of Christ? Why are so many otherwise loving and caring people expressing such anger at the church?


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