Falwell Inc.: Inside a Religious, Political, Educational, and Business Empire

On a recent visit to Lynchburg, I discovered the Liberty Channel on cable TV. It mainly features old Jerry Falwell videos, current services led by his son Jonathan (who, incidentally, uses a lot of stage props in his sermons, a kind of show-and-tell for imagination-challenged Christians), and teaching films by Liberty University professors. The second time I tuned in, I saw a vintage Falwell lecture called “Managing Your Finances.” There he was, as an earlier, slenderer image of himself, the familiar bumptious motivational speaker with the strident voice and staccato delivery, proclaiming two important secrets of successful money management: one, you have to tithe (it’s not an option), and two, you must not spend more than you take in, or “your shortfall will be your downfall.”


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