How does it end?

A review of Robert Joustra and Alissa Wilkinson

The apocalypse, it seems, is cultural and psychological rather than historical. One can only hope that this theory is right.


Faith in the Public Square, by Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams favors a kind of secularism that requires an honest broker to mediate and manage genuine difference, rather than one that aspires to little more than maximized choice.


Blame it on Luther

How has Western society become so fractious, polarized and secular? Why are we powerless to curb consumerism? Brad Gregory blames the Reformation.


The Secular Mind, by Robert Coles

This meditation on faith's fragility could not come at a better time. At once deeply personal and profound in its feel for how our culture settles into our hearts and minds, it puts to shame the sectarian champions of the culture wars, waged against "secular elites," and it confounds the academic experts who miss the religious resonance of our worldly experience.


A review of The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse

"No whining!" the plaque on my study wall all but shouts. Steven D. Smith does not whine as he invades a territory frequented by whiners.