Depths of evil and peace

One Good Book deserves another

Why would Psalms and Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian pop into my head?


Cancer and good news

Todd Billings weaves his struggle with a rare form of blood cancer together with probing biblical and theological reflection.


Psalms, by Walter Brueggemann and William H. Bellinger Jr.

What are the best Psalms commentaries for Christian exposition? Walter Brueggemann and William Bellinger's book deserves a place alongside Clinton McCann and James Mays.


Our Roots Are In You

These 17 songs are inspired by the psalms, and the musical settings recall Michael W. Smith and Phil Keaggy. Equally appropriate for worship or solitary prayer, these acoustic tracks promise and deliver comfort: humble, unassuming, and stripped of any varnish, with Brux­voort Colligan’s gossamer tenor leading the way.


A review of The Judaizing Calvin

The accepted baseline for study of the Psalms is genre analysis. Beyond that baseline, however, several interpretive options are available.