Poverty's lifelong damage

Decades worth of data have proven that poverty shortens lives. Will anyone respond?


When mercy and justice meet

A book I'd like my elected officials to read

As we make laws and try to adjudicate justice, we often lose sight of the human faces affected.


Poverty and blame in Appalachia

More jobs would help, says J. D. Vance. So would a stronger work ethic.


Old Testament

Take & Read

This Strange and Sacred Scripture: Wrestling with the Old Testament and Its Oddities, by Matthew Richard Schlimm. The Old Testament is deeply and sometimes distressingly strange to modern Christians (as it was also to many ancient readers).


Precarious housing

A review of Matthew Desmond

In poor communities like the one where I live and work, evictions are not the exception. They’re the norm.


Cultivating equality

A review of Anthony B. Atkinson

Even if increased equity were to involve a slightly smaller pie, the resulting social order may be preferred. When poverty declines, the social costs of poverty fall, and despair is replaced by hope.