intelligent design


Faith, learning, and scandal

A review of Donald D. Schmeltekopf

Baylor transformed itself from a regional Baptist teaching institution into an internationally recognized Protestant research university—but not without scandal.


An Introduction to Design Arguments, by Benjamin C. Jantzen

Many people have an intuition that the natural world shows purpose, order, or providence. Benjamin Jantzen does a marvelous job analyzing the attempts to turn that intuition into arguments.


Questioning creationism

Tower of Babel: Against the New Creationism, by Robert T. Pennock


Searching for patterns

How We Believe: The Search for God in an Age of Science, by Michael Shermer


A matter of mutation

Michael Behe, a biochemistry professor at Leigh University and one of the chief advocates for intelligent design (ID), has written a sequel to Darwin’s Black Box (1998).

The Tinkerer's Accomplice

Can natural selection of living things, aided by more or less random mutations (genetic tinkering), explain what appear to be incisive cases of design, intentionality, purpose and progress in evolution?