Eight Questions of Faith, by Niles Elliot Goldstein

For Rabbi Goldstein, the Bible is “a complex, existential expression of uncertainty and confusion, of yearning and hope, of wonderment, suffering, and joy. . . . It doesn’t offer us rigid answers; it graces us with fellowship.” Goldstein investigates Cain, Jeremiah, Job, and other biblical figures in the context of larger questions about meaning, knowledge, and ethics.

Do pollsters invent religion?

A review of Robert Wuthnow

Do pollsters create what they purport to study? Wuthnow examines the power and limits of polls and surveys on American religion.

Faith makes us human

A review of Yuval Noah Harari

We wish something would prove beyond doubt that Someone obliged us large-brained, bipedal primates with a breath of consciousness.

Emmett Till in Different States: Poems, by Philip C. Kolin

Americans are still processing the 1955 murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, the Chicago boy who was lynched while visiting relatives in Mississippi. These poems provide a wrenching retelling of the story that even after 60 years is as raw and unresolved as ever. Philip C.

Immanuel is the agenda

A review of Samuel Wells

What humankind needs is a love that sticks around, a love that stays put, a love that hangs on. That’s what the cross is.