Capital virtues

There has always been an uncomfortable connection between Sunday-morning and Monday-morning Christianity. On Sunday morning the classic virtues of faith, hope and love are preached and sometimes practiced.


In this novel Pastor Chase Falson finds himself unable to deliver another sermon on “the evidence for the deity of Jesus, as well as the forensic case for the physical resurrection.” He’s had it with the packaged answers and sterile triumphalism of evangelicalism.

A Nation by Design

North Americans are fond of saying, almost reverentially, that the United States is an immigrant nation. And indeed it is. But therein is a long and complicated tale, fraught with ambiguity, heated debates and major shifts.

Ethical Realism

This book is a real find. And it couldn’t be more timely. Written by two distinguished foreign-policy analysts from different political camps, it represents the collaborative bipartisan efforts now under way in Washington to chart a new U.S. strategy for the Middle East.

Paul's gospel

A premier public intellectual and an award-winning author of books on American history, Garry Wills has turned his attention more recently to religious topics and figures, in Papal Sin; The Rosary; Why I Am a Catholic; a wonderful study of Augustine; and an energetic translation of Augustine’s masterwork, Confessions.