Walking lessons

The current conversation concerning science and religion is urgent, but it is neither obvious nor easy. On the surface, that conversation is vexed by shrill advocates on both sides who contribute nothing to the conversation and are not really interested in serious engagement.


"I love Christmas,” writes Bruce David Forbes. “And Christmas drives me crazy.” With that opening confession, he sets out to determine just how much of the holiday is real after all—whatever real means. The skimpy biblical accounts, decidedly pagan revelry, manufactured nostalgia and commercial overlay all raise his eyebrows.

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For under-six-year-olds:

Henkes observes the changes that occur over one day to four animals living in a little girl’s backyard. Sometimes it’s only the smallest little thing—a falling feather, a tangled leash—that changes. Henkes’s luminous watercolors say to readers, young and old: be patient. Sometimes a tiny change makes all the difference.

Bonhoeffer and King

In his comparative study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King Jr., Deotis Robert presents striking parallels in the biographies and theological commitments of the two activist-theologians. Each gave his life in a resistance movement led by a dissenting church struggling against a racist regime.