Overcoming Life's Disappointments

Joy and gratitude are the subjects of many popular books. There are workshops on grief and anger and a library of literature on depression. And yet disappointment sits in the corner, a much neglected feeling. This neglect is surprising given that there is so much potential for disappointment in the United States.

Everything Must Change

Brian McLaren may not eat locusts or wear clothing made of camel’s hair. But in Everything Must Change, this modern-day prophet issues a piercing critique of a U.S.

What the Thunder Said: A Novella and Stories

Janet Peery’s work is reminiscent of Marilynne Robinson’s: intimate studies rich in character, spare in incident, powerfully rendered in plain speech and deceptively simple sentences.

God Is Dead

Ever since Nietzsche made his famous pronouncement, theologians have wrung their hands over the metaphorical death of God. Yet what if God’s death were no metaphor? What if it were a documented event headlining every newspaper and covered incessantly by every television news channel in the world? What would happen to our world? To us?

Our World

The work of Mary Oliver is one of those rare and lovely convergences. She is a lyric artist with a riveted eye and an enormous heart, one of the nation’s great spiritual sentinels. She was also graced for more than 40 years with the love of her life, the late photographer Molly Malone Cook.