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Thursday digest

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

  • Amy Frykholm on the spiritual direction movement's quick growth: "In philosophy and practice, spiritual direction suggests that the individual self is insufficient as a locus of meaning. No one can 'do' spiritual direction alone."

  • Two companion pieces to Frykholm's:

    • Daniel Schrock's review of Angela Reed's book: "Reed maintains that congregations provide the best greenhouses for authentic spiritual guidance. How­ever, she contends, maturity does not simply grow from ordinary congregational life."

    • Ruth Workman's on why she became a spiritual director: "Until I encountered spiritual direction, my prayer life was filled almost entirely with words."

  • Steve Thorngate on Tony Perkins, parable explainer: "A lot of people didn't like Tony Perkins' CNN Belief Blog post last week, and rightly so. Jesus was a free marketer, long before the concept was developed? Sure, if you say so."


In the news:

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