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Wednesday digest

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New today from the Century:

  • Valerie Weaver-Zercher reviews Nina Sankovitch and Alice Ozma: "If reading is hunting and gathering, then these memoirs are dispatches from two foragers, notes regarding the labors and satisfactions of subsisting on books."

  • John Dart reviews the implications of some of the CEB's translation decisions: "Whenever a new Bible translation comes out, questions arise about changes to familiar passages. I was pleased to see the CEB use the word 'disciple' to refer to the mysterious young man who appears in Mark 14:51-52, after the 12 disciples desert Jesus and run away."

  • Kathleen Norris responds to our seven-word-gospel challenge: "God is love: This is no joke."

  • Steve Thorngate posts a great Occupy Wall Street commentary by Jay Smooth, who says this: "I love watching [media figures] pretend it’s just a bunch of hippies who don’t matter because they don’t dress respectably. I love how when it gets too big for that, they start saying it doesn’t matter because it’s a bunch of yuppies who do dress respectably."

  • A poem by Carol L. Gloor on Luke 24:36-42


In the news:

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