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"That would be like if Christians went places and built churches"

I always enjoy watching Jon Stewart go after Fox News. Sure, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but when the shooter’s hilarious and the fish have been hard at work misinforming America and playing to its worst instincts, it’s a satisfying sight.

This clip on Fox’s coverage of Islam is particularly good. Sean Hannity accuses the Obama administration of “turn[ing NASA] upside its head” by using it for Muslim-world outreach, so Stewart shows a 1985 clip of President Reagan articulating similar goals for NASA and U.S.-Soviet relations. Later he looks at Fox’s more-than-a-little-biased coverage of tensions that exist within some U.S. communities whose Muslim residents have the audacity to exercise their constitutional right to worship as they please. Priceless stuff:


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kennebecsal said... John

kennebecsal said...

John Stewart makes fun of absolutely everybody.

Anonymous said... Andy,

Anonymous said...

Andy, those conservatives are Christians.

Andy said... @Anon - He

Andy said...

@Anon - He isn't making fun of Christians, he's making fun of conservatives who use religion as a wedge issue.

Meghan said... John

Meghan said...

John Stewart ALWAYS gets it right.

kennebecsal said...

kennebecsal said...

Sometimes John Stewart gets it just right...Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said... ha ha

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, those Christians are idiots!

Isn't it great we can mock and ridicule those followers of Christ without worry of violent retaliation?

Those Christians are the moral equivilent of the imaginary Islamic extremists bogeymen they talk about.

Its great that progressive Christians have so much in common with Islam like womens rights, homosexual equality, religious tolerance and ... well maybe its just the feelings about America they have in common.

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