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An ad that targets bigots

The National Republican Trust PAC has a new TV spot about the Cordoba House controversy, and it’s a doozy of outright religious bigotry. "This is probably the worst, most offensive political ad I've ever seen," wrote one young Republican operative to Mark Silk, his former teacher. "It really embarrasses me." Embarrassing is right:

Silk slams the ad but allows that being opposed to a mosque at the World Trade Center site “does not necessarily make you a bigot.” I suppose that’s true. But the opposition to other mosques in other places deserves no such caveat and makes the issue pretty clear: a lot of Americans are flatly anti-Islam.

The good news is that both NBC and CBS are refusing to air the NRTPAC ad. The sad news is that this kind of ugliness is effective enough for the ad to get made in the first place.

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Anonymous said... Ellie,

Anonymous said...

Ellie, you might want to check the background on the imam pushing to get this mosque built.

This mosque being built is the equivilent of some misguided church which supports George Tillers murder (If you can find evidence one exists, please show me) building a statue of Scott Roeder across the street from Reformation Lutheran Church claiming it was to memorialize the humanitarian work Scott Roeder did before and after the murder.

Not all muslims believe in using terrorist acts to promote their religion, but you would have to be completely ignorant to say there aren't millions of muslims who do.

Ellie said... Timothy

Ellie said...

Timothy McVeigh was not a MUslim. Every few years we have snipers or mailbox bombers who terroize an area. None that I am aware of have been Muslims. there were Muslims inside the World Trade Center on that horrible day. the terrorists were not about being Muslims; they were puppets of Osama bin Lauden who is not a representative of Islam as I understand it.

Michael Reilly said...

Michael Reilly said...

Steve, I hear your points. However, the incidents you listed---while real---are minuscule when compared to current global terror trends: we are witnessing damn near daily attacks on civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and (less frequently, thank God) Iraq. I maintain my position: radical Islam is the main source of terrorism in the world today, as it has been for quite some time now.
You could add up every act of terrorism in the past 30 years committed by non-Muslims and the number of victims would barely be a month's worth over the past few years. I don't wish for this to be so, but it is so none the less.

And--not to quibble--but nearly 300 Americans died in the Lebanon barracks bombing in the early 80s. McVeigh and Nichols killed 168. America, and the rest of the world, have been under attack by radical Islamists for a long, long time.

God bless you, friend. I wish we could argue about the best way to beat our swords into plowshares...but that's just not the world that we live in.

Anonymous said... Looks

Anonymous said...

Looks like theolog.org has received its bi-annual funding check from the DNC.

This blog will be extremely political for the next couple months

Steve Thorngate said...

Steve Thorngate said...

Anon: It's a fair point, as I implied in the post. Not sure I agree with it, but I get it.

Of course, it's not really a response to my post--if the NRTPAC ad was limited to the argument you made, I wouldn't have bothered criticizing it. Instead, it presents Islam itself as America's enemy. That's just hateful and ugly, regardless of whether the Ground Zero mosque is a good idea.

As for your assertion that "virtually all terrorists are Muslims," that's quite a statement in the wake of the Hutaree militia plot, George Tiller's assassination and the IRS attack in Austin. And that's just limiting it to very recent U.S. history. Until 9/11, the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history was the Oklahoma City bombing. And then there's all those places that aren't America...

Anonymous said... Tell

Anonymous said...

Tell me, friends: Would you build a museum dedicated to Gen. Sherman in Atlanta? How about a science exhibit displaying the wonders of the atom in Hiroshima? A statue of the Attaturk in Armmeia? What about a nice plaque commemorating Hilter in Tel Aviv? Could we sneak in a small Nathan Beford Forest display at the King Center in Atlanta? No? Gee...why?

Of all the places to build a mosque, the site of the 9/11 attacks is the absolute worst choice. It is intensely provocative, deeply disrespectful, and political tone-deaf.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but virtually all terrorists are Muslims.

Anne-Marie Hislop said...

Anne-Marie Hislop said...

It is sad and infuriating. The anti-Muslim hatred is truly vicious. On the Tea Party blogs, comments like "Let's burn down all the mosques and send all the Muslims packing" are not uncommon. Anyone who does not agree that Muslims 'hate us;' that Islam is an violent religion; and that Muslims want to destroy us and take over the world, is labeled as naive at best and 'anti-American' at worst.

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