The opposite of homelessness

Eyes brimming with emotion, Earl and Ashley grasped hands. They stood before the altar in the converted garage that houses the chapel of Love Wins Ministries. Sarah McCoy stepped forward and preached about the wedding at Cana. She began to speculate about the biblical couple and how their lives turned out in the end. What happened when they didn’t have Jesus with his miracles to get them out of difficult situations? Did their marriage last?

Then Sarah looked at Earl and Ashley. “I wonder about that biblical couple, but I don’t worry about you.” Sarah smiled. “We know you have a love that will last through the tough times.”

The couple beamed and stole eager glances from one another during the homily. Then, in echoes of that wedding feast where Jesus performed his initial miracle, we celebrated communion as the first act of their married life. It felt no less miraculous.


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