Roots of violence

Jonesboro, Paducah, Springfield. These towns have become synonymous with random youth killings in schools. Close to two dozen people have been killed in school shootings over the past two years, many more have been injured, and thousands have been emotionally scarred by the trauma.

We search for ways to explain such events. We need to understand these events as best we can, to try to make sense of the senseless acts that threaten our identity. We do so to honor the memory and the suffering of those who died or were injured. In addition, we do so hoping to learn some lessons that might diminish the likelihood of future Jonesboros.

We do so even though, as Christians, we recognize that explanations for sin always fall short. Loving God makes sense; turning away from God and our neighbor, and turning in on ourselves, does not. How else can we account for the fact that we continue to sin, even when we know it diminishes ourselves and others?


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