Can churches save the city?

A look at resources

Can churches Save America's cities? That question has been frequently posed in recent months, and the implicit answer has been "yes" or at least "maybe." Newsweek ran a cover story (June 1) on the inner-city ministry of Eugene Rivers in Boston and asked, "Can religion fight crime and save kids?" The article itself was titled "Savior of the Streets." Writing in the New Yorker a year earlier (June 16, 1997), Joe Klein touted Rivers's work in an article headlined "Should Washington let the churches take over the inner cities?" The Chronicle of Philanthropy (December 11, 1997) addressed the issue and mused in its headline, "Faith-based charities to the rescue?" And a cover story in U.S. News and World Report (September 9, 1996) asked simply, "Can churches save America?"


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