Getting ready

The Y2K thing

It's time to begin paying attention to this Y2K thing. And not just because it recently made the cover of Time. What roused me from my slumber was a story buried deep in the Wall Street Journal of January 11. It reported that the states of Washington and Wisconsin have mobilized National Guard troops for December 31 of this year, just in case.

Just in case our social fabric unravels, I guess.

Not that "mobilization" is a word that the National Guard uses to describe what it is doing. "There are some negative connotations to the word 'mobilization,'" said Major Philip Logan, a spokesman for the Washington state Military Department, in a burst of truthfulness.

Are you starting to feel a little queasy? Now get this: in May, all 640,000 Guardsmen from across the country will participate in a drill designed to prepare them to respond to the interruption of all telephone service.


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