Say it with color

Crayola's recent announcement that it will change the name of its Indian red crayon to avoid misunderstandings about the color's origin (it comes from a reddish-brown pigment found in India) made me reflect about what color changes marketers might suggest to make the church more appealing. Let's imagine a memo from MegaMarket Church Consultants Inc. to your denomination's liturgical commissions:

Our market researchers advise you to change the colors of your vestments, altars, hangings and banners. When we tried out existing colors and names, we discovered that the un­churched react negatively to them. You must come up with something more positive. Here are some of our suggestions. Let's run through the year:

Black. The books say that this color symbolizes "death, mourning, sorrow, Good Friday." Whoever heard of a church being used to observe such things and prospering? We suggest that Good Friday be renamed "Spring TGIF Festival."


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