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European Parliament adopts resolution on attacks against minorities in Indonesia

New Malden, United Kingdom, July 8 (ENInews)--The European Parliament adopted a resolution on human rights in Indonesia on 7 July, making reference to attacks on religious minorities such as Christians and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, according to a news release from Christian Solidarity Worldwide. 

The move by the European Parliament follows a resolution in the UK Parliament, a letter of concern signed by members of Congress in the US, and a resolution in the Swedish Parliament, all highlighting the violent persecution of minorities in Indonesia, said the release. 

The European Parliament resolution expresses "grave concern at the incidents of violence against religious minorities, particularly Ahmadi Muslims, Christians, Baha'is and Buddhists...at the local blasphemy, heresy and religious defamation by-laws, which are open to misuse, and at the 2008 Joint Ministerial Decree prohibiting the dissemination of Ahmadiyya Muslim teachings," calling on the Indonesian authorities to "repeal or revise them."

According to the release, the resolution also applauds the work of civil society groups in Indonesia, including Muslim, Christian and secular think tanks, human r