Sunday, January 2, 2010

Jeremiah 31:7–14; Psalm 147:12–20; Ephesians 1:3–14; John 1:(1–9), 10–18

On the first morning of every new year, I take a three-foot-long saw with three-inch teeth, walk out onto Lake Michigan at 20 below in my sandals and swimsuit, hack a hole in the two-foot-thick ice and jump in.

This is called a "baptismal pre-dunk."

I then shut myself up in a small room at 220 degrees until my skin is singed red. I run out and jump in the hole again. I repeat the process one more time. A trinity.

My high school youth group also revels in the ritual and is responsible for the liturgical names of the various dunks. The youth call the second dunk "incarnation" and the final dunk "Lutheran rising." I am delighted by their theological ingenuity.


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