'Theology' after 'God'

A conversation
In the midst of a theology conference, two postmodern theologians sit down to lunch. [This is just an excerpt of the print article. For the full version, please see the December 15 issue of the Century.]

Moderate Postmodern: Our social location doesn’t determine our theology, but it does influence it. In theology we do make truth claims that can’t be reduced to politics. We are after the truth about God. But we all work from within some tradition of discourse; we are all working from within some story-shaped community. There’s no neutral ground for anyone to stand on. The so-called secularist is not more neutral than the Christian. Even the secularists’ truth claims are biased because of their tradition and the story that creates and shapes it.

Radical Postmodern: Ah, so you’re postmodern in that you reject all metanarratives?


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