Truth claims

In the realms of both science and religion
One of the most serious challenges a person of faith confronts is the classic tension between faith and reason, religion and science. Some people live thoroughly and comfortably in one realm or the other. Some travel back and forth (perhaps only on Sunday mornings). So when I encounter someone who lives thoroughly and comfortably in both realms, I pay attention—as I do to John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and one of the world’s most distinguished physicists (see the interview with Polkinghorne in this issue).

Polkinghorne reminds us that there are lots of scientifically literate people in our congregations and that our job is to show them that “religious faith is not a question of shutting your eyes and gritting your teeth. It is a search for truth in a different realm.” He challenges preachers to read some of the good popular writing on science, but adds that “nobody can know everything.”


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