Wheels of fortune

"In case of rapture, I have dibs on your Bugatti"
Luxury, the dictionary tells us, is “the use and enjoyment of the best and most costly things that offer the most physical comfort and satisfaction.” In a special advertising section on luxury autos, the New York Times (June 21) updates us on the concept:

Luxury today means being able to live wherever you want and commute via the Internet. Luxury today means having the time and money to pursue whatever takes your fancy. Luxury today means being secure enough, emotionally and financially, to not worry about what the neighbors think. . . . Twenty years from now, we’ll look back and think this was a special time, a New Gilded Age of Luxury.

The writer assumes that if we stay our present course, we’ll be around 20 years from now.


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This article is available to subscribers only.

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