A call to look to the Bible for the Word of God
It’s been said that a fundamentalist is an evangelical who got mad. Fundamentalists in 1920, angry that their fellow conservative believers did not fight back, fought against moderates and liberals in their own denominations as well as in other churches and in the nation. Their politically minded descendants do the same these days, using their kind of biblical literalism as a weapon.

Those they target rarely fight back, instead mildly ruing the postures of the right. One effective exception is that of Barbara Rossing, a biblical scholar who quietly fought back in The Rapture Exposed (Fortress), countering what James Barr called the “mythopoeic fantasy” that poses as literalism in respect to the millennium, the rapture and being “left behind.” Are even 0.666 per cent of the tens of millions of the rapture-obsessed aware of her literate critique of literalist critiques?


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