Olmert's 'convergence' policy
By 2010, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promises, Israel will have a border on the east. “Convergence”—withdrawal from the occupied territories—is the name of the game after the end of “disengagement.” Parties that do not agree to “converge” will not enter the government. It sounds convincing. Who needs the agreement of the Palestinians and the approval of the world when we Israelis alone have been determining the facts on the ground since 1967? The important thing is that the United States is on our side.

According to Olmert, the March 2006 elections were a referendum on his unilateral disengagement plan, and the results give him a green light to implement it. His minister of foreign affairs, Tzipi Livni, went even further, stating that Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is irrelevant.


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