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Century Marks

Bush is no McKinley: Karl Rove, political advisor to President Bush, likes to compare Bush to William McKinley, who is often portrayed as probusiness. But according to Kevin Phillips’s new biography of the 25th president, the comparison isn’t fair to McKinley, who “embraced labor, favored spreading more of the tax burden onto the rich, not less, and . . . was so contemptuous of lobbyists and their practices” that he said “he would not have a lobbyist in his cabinet.” He also favored the establishment of a labor arbitration system, having personally mediated some disputes between labor and management when he was governor of Ohio. McKinley differed from Bush on foreign policy too; in 1898 he “held back rather than promote the rush to war with Spain.” McKinley, like Bush, was a Methodist (William McKinley, Times Books).


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