End of days

NBC's 'Revelations'
Theology geeks with whom I’ve discussed the NBC miniseries Revelations are usually indignant that it does not engage in a scholarly, historically aware study of the book of Revelation.

Inasmuch as network executives’ engaging in a serious study of scripture might itself be a sign of the apocalypse, I’d like to make a more modest suggestion: the producers should have read any dating guide published in the past ten years and paid particular attention to the sections on not trying too hard or seeming too desperate. That might help them impress that market segment they are trying so obviously to woo: the Left Behind–reading, icthus-decal-sporting, pro-life, pro-death-penalty, scripture-quoting, creationism-believing, red-state-living “moral values” voters. Or to put it in current political shorthand: Christians.


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