Necessary decisions

Taking Sides for Schiavo
Like March Madness in the basketball world, participants in the debate over Terri Schiavo seemed driven to pick a team and root it on to victory, vanquishing the opponents. With her death, it’s time to put the madness behind us and attend not just to the passion but to the compassion on both sides of the debate. Both sides, after all, claimed to be on Terri’s side. Consider, then, two arguments, both Christian and both “pro-Terri.”

The first argument: We must provide food and drink for Terri. Terri might not count for much as the world counts, but she surely counts as among “the least of these” in Jesus’ parable. “In as much” as you gave food to the hungry or drink to the thirsty, Jesus said, you did it “as unto me” (Matt. 25).


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