The games we play

March Madness, otherwise known as Lent
The Delta Airlines Sky magazine asked its readers, “Are we soccer crazy? Are children spending too much time playing and are adults spending too much time ferrying them to and from their games?” The story included anecdotal evidence of families whose lives were shaped by the time and travel demands of soccer.

More revealing than the original anecdotes, however, were the letters the story generated. One couple said yes, we are soccer crazy. Another compared the soccer phenomenon to Roman Coliseum games and the decline of the Roman Empire. But most of the letters defended the importance of sports in general, and soccer in particular, as part of the shaping of a good life.

One letter writer noted that “there is too little soccer, not too much.” Another observed, “There is nothing better than athletics, team sports and focused competition to help young minds and bodies grow into well-rounded, productive young men and women.”


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