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Christian hope for the future
Time, like an ever-rolling stream / Bears all its sons away . . .” [or, as alt. would have it, “soon bears us all away”] would be a paralyzing line were it not for the hymn’s opening invocation. “O God, our help in ages past . . .”

I thought of this “rolling” when my digital watch gave out. I wanted to replace it with a $39.95 clone but walked away with a $39.95 analog watch. The young clerk stared at my retiring watch in disbelief. She had never seen one before. I might as well have been asking for a crystal radio or a Studebaker wagon. I wanted the digital because it had an alarm clock to wake me from naps. (Secret: the clerk found an analog with a little digital alarm almost invisibly tucked in.) The late great theologian Joseph Sittler would have been pleased. “Marty, time is not broken into bits, as your digital watch breaks it. Like the analog, it flows—‘like an ever-rolling stream.’”


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