Front lines of terrorism

September 11 and December 13—to Indians, the events of these days were startlingly similar. On one day, suicide bombers used hijacked planes to destroy the centers of industry; on the other, suicide terrorists used hand grenades and AK47s in an aborted attempt to bring down a nation’s government. In both cases, the targets represented a country’s main citadels—America’s economic and military strength, in the one case, and the seat of India’s democratic governance, in the other.

In terms of numbers killed, India was more fortunate. Security guards shot and killed the five armed suicide bombers before they could carry out their deadly mission. The terrorists attacked when the two Houses of Legislature were in full session, with 400 members of Parliament waiting to hear an address by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. The aim of this attack was unambiguous: to wipe out the country’s elected leaders.


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