Eyewitness to disaster

Churches open doors

After the twin towers collapsed, Washington Square United Methodist Church in Greenwich Village opened its doors and telephone lines to crying, shaken passersby. “Then the walking wounded began appearing—folks who had walked out of the ‘ground zero’ area,” reported Jacquelyn Moore in a widely circulated e-mail message. “Their injuries were not major, but many were in shock. We set up water and some food . . . broke out cots from our homeless shelter so some could lie down. We set up a TV in the corner of the sanctuary so folks could get information.

“We didn’t stop to count, but think that 150 to 200 folks came through. The staff and some community members of Washington Square Church are the best—they were here and worked and cried with folks.”

Washington Square is a few blocks from St. Vincent’s Medical Center, where both victims and rescue workers were being treated for injuries.


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